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Rely on an Expert Team | Part 7

Humans are interdependent. No single person has perfected every possible skill, acquired ALL knowledge, grown to maximum wisdom, or lived through all imaginable experiences. That’s why we rely on each other. A profitable investment property business requires multiple person

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Know Your Numbers | Part 6 you own one rental property or many, you are running a business. For a business to exist over the long haul, it must make a profit and it cannot bleed money. Do-it-yourself investors can have a hard time

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NJ rental security deposit laws

New Jersey Security Deposit Laws

A security deposit is akin to a safety net. Requiring it will ensure you are compensated for any loss that may arise from your tenant’s negligent use of their rented premises. Examples of things that it may cover include

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Respect Laws | Part 5–QryMk I’m going to start this post with a few questions for you. Do you know and fully understand the Federal Fair Housing Act? Do you know our state’s Fair Housing laws? Do you know our state’s landlord-tenant laws?

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Do your Duty | Part 4 Part 3 of this series, I shared some wisdom about tenants. Good tenants are treasures. They keep your real estate business running profitably.Now I’d like to talk about your profits and your property. While investing in real estate

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