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As the owner of a company that serves other business owners such as Landlords and Real Estate Investor’s, I find it very important to understand the business that I’m in and also business principles in general. With that in mind, deciding to read “Buffet, the Making of an American Capitalist” was a no brainer. Most people know Warren Buffett as one of, if not The greatest Investor of all time. In this book, the author did a great job of outlining the principles and actual business decisions that lead to  WB’s success. In this short series I’m going to highlight some of the similarities that I found in the strategies that Buffett used to Invest in Businesses between strategies used to Invest in Real Estate. With that said, If you’ve ever wondered how the Asset Classes of Real Estate and Businesses on the Stock Market were similar, look no further, you’ve found the right series.

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