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Do You really need to outsource 100 of your landlord responsibilities? What if you you’re okay with selecting tenants and collecting rents and you only want to outsource something like being on call 24/7? If those are some of the questions that you find yourself asking as a rental property owner in Essex County, Union County, or a surrounding area here in New Jersey then this post is for you.

In this post I’m going to talk about our Maintenance only service. This service was created for property owners and landlords who only need help with managing maintenance requests from their tenants.

By hiring us to handle the maintenance for your property you get 24/7 emergency support as well as support for general maintenance  for your rental properties. With this service we won’t be responsible for collecting rents or for handling any tenant issues that arise outside of maintenance.

Our maintenance support team will become your maintenance support team.

Here’s how it works:

Step1: We get a text or call from your tenant with a request for maintenance

Step 2: We prompt the resident with a few questions to better understand their issue and to determine if there’s an emergency.

Step 3: We do some light troubleshooting with your tenant to see if there’s an easy fix to their problem without sending a vendor.

Step 4: We dispatch a Vendor if we can’t troubleshoot remotely

Step 5: We follow up with both the vendor and the Tenant to make sure that every got fixed.

Within these 5 steps we ensure that the right response is given to a tenants issue every stage of the process. From when the tenant first reaches out, to troubleshooting the issue for emergencies, to fully resolving the issue over the phone or dispatching vendors.

The pricing for our maintenance only service is equal to 6% of monthly rents and if you have have 10 or more properties or apartments it’ll be just 5% of monthly rents.

The fee for this service is collected every 3-months, upfront. For example let’s say you decide to hire us and your service will start on March 1st. By March 1st you’ll pay upfront for March, April, and May. No long term contract or commitment necessary. This service is completely pay as you go.

Maybe you only need this service for the summer months when you’re usually on vacation frequently, or maybe you’d prefer to have this service for the holiday season when you’re spending time with your family. Or maybe you’d prefer to use this service all year round to handle all of your maintenance requests so your daily schedule never gets interrupted. Either way we’re here to help.

If you own a rental property in Essex or Union County NJ or surrounding areas and you’re tired of handling maintenance requests and scrambling to find help. Give us a call at 973-849-1638 or click the link under this video to schedule a consultation call.

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