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What To Expect when Hiring Capital Street Management

The goal of this video is to give you some insight into what you can expect when hiring Capital Street Management to manage your rental properties. The purpose of of srevice as a Property Management company is to ultimately protect the interests of our Owner Clients. Looking further at how that works exactly, here are some answers to a few general questions that you may have in regards to communication and finances.

Question 1: How often do you communicate with Rental Property Owners?

Answer: For the first 30-60 days there’s usually a lot of communication. During that time we’ll work alongside you to complete the onboarding process, get your tenants up to speed with all contact information, and also handle any other problems that you might be facing. After that, communication evens out to maybe 1-2 times per month depending on the status of your properties.

Question 2: What is your communication response time for owners and tenants and via what means?

Answer: At the moment with less than 40 doors under management, communication is just about instant. Owners will always have a single point of contact. Tenants have access to 24/7 emergency support as well as access to their property manager for general support. Our lines are always open. We can communicate via Call, Text, or Email.

Question 3: Do I still pay a management fee if the property is vacant?

Answer: Simply, no. There’s no fee when a property is vacant. This is one of our 5 Guarantees.

Question 4: How do Owners get Paid?

Answer: Owners can receive their draw via direct ACH payments or we can mail a check. Either option is available.

Question 5: Can you pay my mortgage payment?

Answer: This is a feature that we’re currently in the process of implementing for one of our clients. Most likely this will be available soon for all premium level clients.

These are answers to 5 questions in regards to what you can expect when hiring Capital Street Management to manage your rental properties. If you have any other questions that we missed here, please give us a call at (973) 849-1638 and we’ll further discuss your needs. I’m Albert with Capital Street Management. Thanks for reading this post.

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