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Do you have a landlord issue or question you need help with?

Landlord Help Desk was designed to give you FREE advice on whatever landlord issue you are experiencing RIGHT now.  No strings attached, just landlords helping landlords.

Landlord Help Desk FAQ

I can call you and you'll help me FREE of charge?

That is correct.  Landlord help desk is a one stop shop for all your property management needs regardless of whether or not you’re a client.

Why would you do this?

I’ve learned that when I put my best foot forward first, that our business naturally takes care of itself.  Maybe one day I can help manage your property for you?

I have a section 8 issue can you help with that?

Absolutely. We are experts in section 8 from tenant placement to rent collection. We know the ins and outs with how it works.

What if my tenant stopped paying rent. How do you help me with that?

Non paying tenants; especially with Covid have been an issue for landlord. We are very creative with this situations and are experts at negotiating a win win solution for all parties. Check out this case study.

Is there anything I have to sign?

No. I’m just trying to get you the answers you need that’s it.  No strings attached.

Have you worked with covid issues?

Oh yea. What is your current issue? We have seen them all. Submit below and we’ll help you get it solved.

Submit Your Landlord Issue & We'll Solve It For You FREE of Charge!

 Submit the issues you are experiencing and we’ll show you how to solve it 100% FREE of charge!

Landlord Help Desk

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